Support and security 24/7

At Jansson Home you get the opportunity to live independently when you no longer are in need of hospital care but need support and guidance 24 hours a day. You will have your own apartment with a toilet and shower, bedroom and combined small kitchen and living room. In the shared spaces you can spend time with other residents or practice everyday life skills in a group.

The personnel helps, supports, guides and encourages you in everyday chores based on your own needs, such as cooking, doing laundry, medical treatment and taking care of other things.

There are a responsible instructor/advisor with supervisory duties and six instructors/advisors working in Jansson home in two shifts.

Jansson Home offers you:

  • individual support 24/7
  • an individual accommodation plan
  • a home away from home

Contact information

Personnel’s email:

Responsible instructor/advisor with supervisory duties

Helena Mäki-Maunus, tel. +358 45 7870 8981


Reijo Cederlöf

Hanna-Maria Hjärpe

Rami Laaksonen

Milla Laine

Sami Puolakka

Michiko Konnai

Service Manager 

Tiina Perälä, tel. +358 50 356 2937