The place of opportunities for mental well-being

At Mahis you can participate in group and peer support activities that help strengthen your mental and social well-being. You can join different groups and other activities, socialize with other people, take part in our events and trips or just drop in for a cup of coffee and read the days paper. The groups are divided in four categories: Life Skills, Creativity, Exercise and Strength in Peers.

Lunch and breakfast
You can also eat with us affordably: breakfast is served between 8.15–10.00 and lunch at 11.00. If you would like to have lunch, please let us know by 10 am. When you do a work assignment the cost will be 4 € (otherwise 6 €). Please notice that our breakfast and lunch is only for those, who participate in Mahis’ activities.

Taking part in the activities and groups is free of charge and you don’t need any referral. The members of Mahis receive a member letter about the different activities we organize (in Finnish and Swedish).

MAHIS offers you:

  • voluntary and free-of-charge activities
  • social interaction and peer support
  • recreation

The operation is financed by the city of Vaasa and STEA (Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations).

Opening hours

Monday and Thursday 8.15–15.00

Tuesday 8.15-13.30

Wednesday 8.15-18.00 (During the summermonths we close at 15.00)

Tuesday and Friday 8.15–14.00

Contact information

Läntinen Kasarminkatu 6, 65100 VAASA


tel. +358 50 441 8380 / cash register and signing up for lunch

Personnel’s email:

Responsible instructor

Laura Koukkula, tel. +358 46 922 4084

Instructors / advisors

Anne Ellilä, tel. +358 50 414 2249
Christian Talvitie, +358 44 493 8548

Kitchen instructor / advisor

Sanna Ström, tel. +358 50 471 9406

Service Manager 

Camilla Kunnari, tel. +358 50 364 4640