Mielle was established in 1987. Our goal is to increase mental well-being, to develop the availability and quality of mental health services and to do preventative mental healthcare work.

We also want to make sure that the special needs of the people in need of mental health services are taken into consideration when these services are planned and decisions about them are made.

Members of the board

The members and board of our association consists of local residents who either have experience in mental health work or an overall interest to volunteer for mental health work and its development.

The members of the board for 2022 are Juha Silander (chairman), Raija Kujanpää (vice-chairman), Sinikka Blomqvist, Hanna Ehrnrooth, Ritva Heiman and Jarkko Pirttiperä. Tuula Mulju and Pirkko Vartiainen serve as deputy members.

Core values