Good company, activities and support for a better mental health

At Meijeri, in Laihia, you can have peer support and participate in group activities that strengthen your mental well-being. At Meijeri, you will meet new people, and from our week schedule you can choose things you like to do.

Our activities are free of charge and specially directed to people in working age. Daytime activities are social rehabilitation, attended by decision of social services.

Meijeri offers you:

  • communality and diverse activities
  • a way to prevent loneliness and to strengthen your resources
  • free of charge activities


Opening hours

Monday to Thursday 9–15

Friday 9–14

Contact information

Laihiantie 29, 66400 Laihia

Personnel’s email:

Responsible instructor

Maija Nyysti, tel. +358 45 7877 3749

Instructors / advisors

Anna Nyrönen, tel. +358 45 7877 3739

Service Manager 

Camilla Kunnari, tel. +358 50 364 4640