Let's create a spurt to your own path

Workshop Spurtti is the place for you if you are a 15–29-year-old living in Vaasa and not in school or working life. We offer you special support and help to move on to studies, work or other services. The main focus is in group activities and on top of that you get personal guidance in individual coaching. Based on these we form an individual coaching plan for you.

Our goal is to start a process that leads you to a better life and good future. For some this may be school and to others a path to working life or rehabilitation. Or maybe you find a new path and meaning to your life. Spurtti helps you to strengthen and maintain your skills of coping and to increase your motivation and activity. We also support you in planning your future and taking charge of your life.

Our schedule changes every week and it includes creative activities, coping exercises, visiting experts, exercising, cooking, workshop days and just relaxing together. We want to find you the best form and duration of coaching or supportive service.

At Spurtti you can:

  • create a support network
  • find your own path together with us
  • strengthen your self-image

You can join Spurtti at any time without any referral or diagnose. Please notice, however, that at Spurtti you can’t have an acute alcohol, drug or mental health problem.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday 10–14 (group activities)

Monday to Thursday 9–10 and Friday 9–13 (individual coaching)

Contact information

Personnel’s email: firstname.lastname@miellery.fi

Responsible instructor

Jinna Vilponen, tel. +358 50 441 2742


Anna Turja, tel. +358 50 566 6612

Pasi Kultalahti

Service Manager 

Frida Nylund, tel. +358 50 364 4640