You can influence your own recovery

With illness, there may be times when you are in bad condition and need a lot of support and help from others. Accept the situation and allow yourself to rest and gather strength.

As your strength starts to return, remember that it is you who have power over your own recovery. The everyday choices you make either bring you closer to recovery or away from it. You decide, because no one else can do the recovery journey for you.

You can accept help or not, you can take your medication or not, you can set your own goals or let others set the goals, you can move on towards your goals, or you can stagnate.

No one else can take the steps for you, but you do not have to do your recovery journey alone. Professionals are there to support and help you find the answers and ways forward that are right for you.

At times when your batteries are low, the purpose of treatment is to support and carry you just enough to regain your ability to function. When you begin to recover, it’s up to you to take steps forward and make choices.

In the same way that leg muscles are strengthened by taking steps, mental wellbeing is strengthened by doing small, everyday things that promote it.