Look to the future

There is nothing we can do about the past. Worry or regret won’t change the bad things that have happened in our lives. However, it is perfectly acceptable to feel disappointment, sadness, or anger when things have not gone our way.

In the midst of hopelessness, calmness comes when you allow yourself to grieve and accept the bad things that have happened. At the same time, however, it is worth remembering that things may be different in the future. The past does not have to define what the future looks like.

Hope is based on the fact that there are still many things we can influence. We define our own future, although it is of course affected by many things that are independent of us. Through our own small and everyday actions, we can influence the present and the future.

Accept that life is not perfect

When you accept that challenges and difficulties are part of life, it is easier to deal with them.

You can look back and see that you have overcome many difficulties and moved on. Your patience has been tested, you have sometimes failed, tried many times again and finally succeeded.

Remind yourself especially of the things you have succeeded in. Reproaching yourself for failures will not get you anywhere. Successes, on the other hand, encourage you to try again.